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What began as depression, a car accident, and a series of captivating dreams turned into a therapeutic spiritual growth spurt and a an inspiring self-help book. “This Way Up” by Patti Clark equips readers with seven powerful tools for unleashing their creativity and effectively transforming their lives. A 10-year process for the author, “This Way Up” is written in two parts. Part one tells the story of Kat, a woman wallowing in the discomfort of empty nest syndrome, a pain she alleviates through drinking. As a result of alcohol-impaired driving, Kat finds herself in the hospital. Grateful for her survival and that she didn’t hurt anyone during her car accident, or that she was arrested, Kat is visited nightly by an entity called Gaia, who delivers guidance and hope to the patient during her recovery. The story continues after Kat’s hospital release, as she relies greatly on assistance from her sister Kenya and BFF Jess to help her disseminate the information that Gaia gives her. In the end, Kat learns to let go of her pain, express gratitude, and release her creativity in the most cathartic ways. Part two of the book takes what Kat has learned (and we can pretty much assume that Kat is the author herself) and creates an easy-to-use workbook that includes 12 weeks of daily exercises and lots of journaling. Like Kat, you, too, can achieve an inner sense of peace, reclaim your life, and allow your creativity to expand in the most unexpected ways. Clark speaks to the woman who thinks it’s too late to start a new life. She offers optimism, insight, and a light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Whether you suffer from empty nest syndrome, divorce, the loss of a loved one, midlife crisis, or all of the above, “This Way Up” could be your key to uncovering a new journey toward a better life. You can heal. You can discover a richer existence. And this book is precisely what you need to help get you there.
Laura Coronado, reviewer at Lollie Shopping


"I totally loved This Way Up, but more than that, I realized that I really needed it.  I found myself taking notes and drawing pictures ... thank you so much for delivering this very timely and wonderfully user-friendly help into my hands. Very nicely hewn characters and such easy-to-identify-with people and patterns, which makes readers think that they could easily do this stuff too. I love the fact that this is written as a self-help book for people who don't want a self-help book! It’s a good tool for the type of help I need - self reflective, confidence-building, spiritual guidance. It's led me to being more creative as well."
—Suze Podger, reviewer at The Artisan (Byron Bay, Australia)
"Anyone over 50 will identify with Kat's feeling of invisibility and vulnerability; Clark provides realistic tools to empower the reader seeking a better path and life. This book stands out in its unique format as a self-help workbook starting with Kat's tale. The activities presented are applicable to any age group of women and provides the way for a new creative, more joyful life."
—Kathy Nester, reviewer at Penny For My Thoughts

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"This Way Up is a healing guide to a more fulfilling life. Chock-full of practical tools, practices and reflection questions, it’s a helpful and relatable book for readers wanting to deepen self-insight, release the obstacles and doubts that hold them back, and find the courage to claim the life they yearn for and deserve."
—Donna Stoneham, author of The Thriver’s Edge
"This Way Up is a bold new path to personal growth and one that will help any woman who caretakes everyone but herself, whether at work or at home. Patti Clark's approach is wholly unique and the meditations, visualizations, questions, and journal prompts will gently lead you back to yourself."
—Brenda Knight, author of Be a Good in the World
"Clark has written an extraordinary story of reclaiming creative wisdom. Part compelling tale, part twelve-week course, This Way Up is a signpost for anyone looking to point the rest of her life in the direction of inspiration."
—Toni Piccinini, author of The Goodbye Year

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