The Workshop below is an online, live, interactive workshop - a journey toward living your best life

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Join us for an online, interactive, live workshop and embark on an amazing journey toward living your best life . . .

Complete form below to register your interest – Taking names now for next series of workshops. Workshop Dates: Times in US - Tuesdays 2 - 30 April and 7 May at 5pm PST; or in NZ and Aus Wednesdays 3 - 24 April and 1 - 8 May at 1pm.

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What people are saying about this Workshop:

“I really liked interacting with like-minded women, with very different personalities, all who were willing to be open and vulnerable to share their experiences. Extensive resource content– and knowing that it was all voluntary. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of Patti’s workshop. Patti has a very warm and charismatic approach, which I relate to very well. I know it was very significant for my own spiritual and personal growth going forward.” - Trish

“I really liked getting to know all the lovely ladies and the fact that we were all over the globe! And finding that other women have the same doubts and concerns about themselves that I do. It was fabulous! Keep me posted on next workshop, I want to share this.”  - Kathleen

“Thank you so much for the course. I really enjoyed it, as well as getting to know you and the group.” - Shellan

“I enjoyed it all, but I think I enjoyed the interactive format the most, it was nice to feel the support and genuine caring from both you and the other participants. It was a very safe and supportive environment. It was very helpful to be guided through the visualizations directly, by someone I had built trust in. It was also helpful to hear the other participants’ experiences. It gave me hope, that doing the hard work and learning the tools will be worth it. I also enjoyed that we received helpful links after the session which enabled me to dive deeper into areas I wanted to work on. Your help was invaluable.”  - Stacy

The Workshop below is especially for all you Mothers out there!

This Way Up for Moms: 7 Simple Exercises to Unleash Your Best Self!

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This Way Up for Moms: 7 Simple Exercises to Unleash Your Best Self!

As a mom, we tend to put our own needs last, well behind our children's and our family's. We are so busy taking care of others, that we tend to lose ourself. How would you like to connect back to your true self, your best self? Being your best self means loving yourself and loving your life. So come on in, start living the the life of your dreams!

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The Workshop below is a self-paced workshop on Daily Om.

Daily Om - This Way Up - 8 Weeks to Your Best Self!

8 Weeks to your Best Self!

This course is dedicated to bringing you true happiness and abundance. In these 8 weeks, international best selling author Patti Clark will gently lead you to overcome obstacles and do what it takes to transform your present life into the life you've been dreaming about. You will overcome limiting beliefs and master the mindset you need to have the health, wealth and love that you deserve!

Register for the course now: 8 Weeks to your Best Self!

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