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'Author Patti Clark is a cross between Elizabeth Gilbert and Julia Cameron.'

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This Way Up is the Winner of the International Excellence Self-Help Book of the Year Award!

This Way Up is a story of healing for women who yearn to lead a fuller life, accompanied by a workbook designed to help readers work through personal challenges, discover new inspiration, and harness their creative power...

Women spend so much of life nurturing and giving to others that when they find themselves alone—because of an empty nest, the end of a marriage, or the death of a partner—they often struggle with feeling purposeless. This Way Up provides a step-by-step way out of this sense of loss and into a life filled with enthusiasm, creativity, and joy.

The book centres on the essential wisdom of introspection and on the importance of following one’s dreams. This message of hope and transformation is then brought to life through an insightful, systematic and easily relatable twelve week program. Day-by-day journaling exercises, thought provoking questions and reader support are provided. For any woman who yearns to lead a fuller life but doesn’t know how to begin, this book is an ideal starting point.